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LonelyEscapes ( is a Valmind (UK) Group Travel & Medical Tourism company started in 2011. We offer UK-Europe Packages.African Safaris,India Tour,Pilgrimage Package, Genuine Ayurveda Treatments,Rejuvenation Package,Medical,Dental and Infertility Tourism

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Europe has been always a dreamy destination. It’s a vast and varied land with globally influential centre of culture.

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Authentic and customized packages to experience a great country, India, the land of diversity and golden memories.

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A great opportunity to explore the rich history, culture, and natural beauty of the Middle East.

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Spend your holiday in multicultural global cities? Experience the culture and create memories that will remain for a lifetime.

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Mainly for its wildlife and also it offers a wide variety of challenging walks and hikes with fascinating camping experiences.

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A great idea to understand mythological connection and catch the vibe of purity and peace.

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